TOF Watch SX

We wish to inform you that the TOF Watch monitors are no longer produced effective July 1st 2016.
Devices in stock will sell on a first come first serve basis.

We continue to sell objective TOF monitoring devices using an accelerometer:
Stimpod NMS 450

Please call us for more information at 603-319 8979

TOF-Watch SX has the most features of the devices in the TOF-Watch® range of neuromuscular transmission monitors.  It may be considered for use in clinical studies.

Flexible use
TOF-Watch SX can be used as a peripheral nerve stimulator, as a nerve locator for local anesthesia or as a neuromuscular monitor. And TOF-Watch SX can also be linked to a PC for real-time display of data that can later be exported and printed for record keeping.

TOF-Watch SX is programmed to accommodate various types of stimulation patterns currently in use:

  • Single twitch (ST) - at 0.1 or 1 Hz
  • Train Of Four (TOF)
  • Slow TOF (user programmable time intervals from 1 to 60 min.)
  • Post Tetanic Count PTC
  • Tetanic stimulation (at 50 or 100 Hz) *
  • Double Burst Stimulation (DBS 3.3 and 3.2) *

* ) These patterns can be assigned to the “P button”.

A constant current feature enables stimulation even with increased skin resistance (up to 5 kOhm)

TOF-Watch SX has two automatic calibration modes, one at a user predetermined current and one which establishes the supramaximal value of the stimulation current. Manual gain adjustment is also available.

A superficial temperature sensor completes the package.

TOF-Watch SX presents relevant data (twitches, body temperature, transducer sensitivity, stimulation mode, etc.) on an easy-to-read LCD display.

TOF Link
TOF Link, a fiber-optic cable facility, enables on-line data “dumping” from TOF-Watch SX to a PC without reciprocal electromagnetic interference with other OR or ICU appliances.  During operations, data can be logged using the TOF-Watch SX Monitor program. In this way, detailed and authentic operation records can be created.

The TOF-Watch SX Monitor software makes real-time data accessible for further processing on a personal computer.  Its two basic functions are:

-  Logging and display of real-time recorded data on personal computers
-  Exporting and printing of previous recorded data

During on-line data dumping, standard pre/programmed comments or other user comments can be added to patient recordings. Such comments can later be completed or changed. An Audit Trail Report is compiled which records changes. Program use is password controlled: the password can only be assigned by a main user.

Technical specifications
Microprocessor-controlled. Custom design LCD with numerical presentation of twitch data.



















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