TOF Watch

We wish to inform you that the TOF Watch monitors are no longer produced effective July 1st 2016.
Devices in stock will sell on a first come first serve basis.

We continue to sell objective TOF monitoring devices using an accelerometer: Stimpod NMS 450

Please call us for more information at 603-319 8979

TOF-Watch is a portable instrument belonging to the TOF-Watch® range of neuromuscular transmission monitors. Utilizing acceleromyography principles, it objectively measures neuromuscular block produced by the administration of an NMBA.

Features include push-button activation, optional calibration and stimulation mode selection. Stimulation results are shown on an easy-to-read LCD display.

In routine anesthesia, the TOF-Watch provides measures to assist in assessing the timing for intubation, the administration of additional relaxant or adjustment of infusion rate, timing of administration of a reversal agent, and extubation. Aids in detection of low
levels of residual curarization.

TOF-Watch possesses a complete range of stimulation patterns for intermittent or continuous application:
- Single twitch (ST) - at 0.1 or 1 Hz
- Train Of Four (TOF)
- Post Tetanic Count (PTC)
- Double Burst Stimulation (DBS 3.3 and 3.2)
- Tetanic stimulation (at 50 Hz or 100 Hz)

A constant current feature guarantees reliable stimulation even with increased skin resistance (up to 5 kOhm).

TOF-Watch has an automatic calibration mode; at a user predetermined current. In order to establish a control twitch height value of 100% for the 1 Hz or 0.1 Hz mode.

Locoregional anesthesia
Removal of the transducer cable enables the use of the TOF-Watch as a peripheral nerve stimulator. In this mode, it identifies the presence of the local anesthesia cable and automatically switches to low current mode.

- Automatic calibration mode
- Clear, large and simple display
- User-de nable default values
- Easy-to-clean membrane keyboard
- Low battery warning
- Automatic detection of transducer
and stimulation leads
- Low current mode for nerve stimulation

Technical specifications
Microprocessor-controlled. Custom design LCD with numerical presentation of twitch data.











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